Political latest news: King meets MPs and colleagues in parliament for the first time as monarch


douglas Ross, the leader of the Scottish Tory, said “the Queen loved Scotland and Scotland loved the Queen”.

Mr Ross said the strong bond between Scotland and the royal family was evident as people lined up to pay their respects as the Queen’s procession passed through the country on Sunday.

Asked if the connection to the new king still exists, Mr Ross told TBEN Radio 4’s Today programme: “Yes, and I think the Accession Council is mainly pointing out that the new king has sworn his allegiance to the Church of uphold and protect Scotland. , the fact that the Royal Family are here today and there will be a Thanksgiving service in St Giles’, and then we will also pay tribute to the late Queen in the Scottish Parliament and also our loyalty and support express to the new King and offer that support.”

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He added: “The Queen loved Scotland and Scotland loved the Queen and I think we showed that yesterday.

“I think we’ll see that again today with the Thanksgiving service and I think it’s a fitting tribute to the late Queen that Scotland can play this part in this early part of national mourning.”