Politico, desperate by some Democratic internal struggles, posts ridiculous article on Buttigieg and Harris Friction


Republicans are on the verge of tearing themselves apart over the threat that Trump’s “approvals” pose to candidates McConnell and McCarthy consider viable, fearing more Marjorie Taylor-Greenes or Madison Cawthorn types. The Republican Party is about to tear itself apart over the fact that it is not a party. It is a one-man iron-fisted fascist dictatorship, a model for the nation if it ever regains ultimate power.

But, of course, Politico is not satisfied with only post stories about Republicans by each other’s throats. They must publish an almost embarrassing article about a “feud” between Sec. Buttigieg and the staff against Vice President Harris and the staff to determine who is President Biden’s rightful heir.

There is a theory – not entirely unreasonable – that President Biden has no intention of running for a second term. Man is not young and does not need fame. The theory is that Biden ran to save the nation from Trump, as the only Democrat able to beat Trump. The election results suggest that Biden might be right in that calculation.

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But Biden isn’t stupid, and there’s no way he’d make a lame duck on his first day in office by running for office. We do not and cannot know his plans. But that doesn’t preclude people who want to plan “just in case,” and the two main contenders, some say, for the Democratic nomination, if Biden steps down, are Vice President Harris and Pete. Buttigieg.

According to Politico, writing about Sec. Rock :

“I would say that the other thing that I really appreciate about this job, although it is very demanding and obviously demands a lot, is that it is the least I have had to think about campaigns and elections. for about a decade and that’s a very good thing, ”he told POLITICO on Friday, amid people wearing bright yellow helmets and safety vests in a construction area near Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Terminal 4.

While Buttigieg says he doesn’t contemplate the race to be Biden’s successor, inside the West Wing others are imagining it for him. His name is sometimes discussed by aides as the natural Democratic presidential candidate in 2028 – or 2024 if the president chooses not to run.

Oh shut up! The man is 39 years old, is a significant presence in a major firm and has a frightening talent. Of course he’s going to run for something, you could say that, of course, he’s going to run for president … in the next 2 to 32 years. Vice President Harris is a very young Vice President. The two are going to be rivals in one form or another – not necessarily in a harmful way, for a while. For now, it feels a lot more like a palace plot between low-level staff members than something that either participant cares about a lot.

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After all, if either of the two thinks too far ahead to do their current job well, they can forget about that bright future anyway. But nice to try Politico. Republicans are waging war on each other to the point that they’re about to “kill” some people, but let’s write down what the assistant communications directors whisper in every Democrat’s staff.

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Eyes on the ball, Politico. One party wants to destroy our whole system as we know it by creating a ready-made fascist dictatorship in advance, the other tries to run a government. Eye on the ball.


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