Pork belly hangs outside HDB flat window in Bukit Batok, soy sauce drips onto neighbours’ clean clothes below – Singapore News


SINGAPORE — Compare this to another tough neighbor problem: when your freshly washed clothes get soiled with soy sauce. But for one man, this is exactly what happened.

Mr Bob Tan, a resident, took to the popular COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Sunday (Jan 15) with the following post: “My neighbor hangs pork belly outside the kitchen window of the flat and soils all my freshly washed clothes with soy sauce,” with added photos showing what he means.

The photos show a row of pork belly hanging from a flat window on a washing line. Clothes hang on another line directly below them. Mr Tan lives at 52 Bukit Batok St, reports say.

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Commentators on his post were equally outraged, with many urging him to report his neighbor. “Can report to one service app,” one wrote.

Another urged Mr. Tan to report it to the police, but he didn’t seem sure.

Others said reporting to NEA (the National Environmental Service), HDB (the Housing and Development Board), or the City Council would be better.

However, a commentator jokingly urged Mr. Tan to take matters into his own hands. “Buy a strong and large water gun. Fill it with ink. Shoot it. In the meantime, be a considerate neighbor. Inform all other neighbors below you before doing it.

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Others pointed out how disrespectful and insensitive the neighbor is, though they may not be aware of it.

For some, the unhygienic aspect was the bigger problem.

One commenter said they had experienced the same problem in the past.

“We had this problem before. The smell of the pork entered our place. My father went upstairs to have a nice talk with the neighbor, and surprisingly, they didn’t know that they affected other people.”

An internet user suggested that it would be effective to fine the neighbor.

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“The only way to solve this problem is to enforce it as a law and fine the owners. High fine. Like a car call, authorities to take a photo and then send the fine to the address. There is no need to do so much for them. Once they receive the fine, all the pork belly will disappear. Only a fine solves the problem. Which training makes no sense.


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