PowerMizzou – Stats that stood out against Alabama


Mizzou would always struggle on offense against No. 4 Alabama. According to KenPom, opponents have an effective field goal percentage (explaining the added value of a 3-pointer made) of only 40.9%, the third lowest in the country.

The Tigers are without their leading scorer in the senior forward line Kobe Brown didn’t make life any easier. They shot 32.9% from the field and 10.7 from deep, their lowest percentages this season. MU missed everywhere, including on the perimeter where players went 7-16 together on layups. But the team also continued the trend of struggling to pull down one of the most valuable shots in the game

According to CBB Analytics, Missouri is one of the best teams in the country at making corner 3s, with 11.9% of their field goal attempts coming from outside the arc and within 4 yards of the baseline, ranking 44th in the NCAA . Most teams would love to get that many looks from those spots, with the shot still counting for three points despite being closer to the ring than triples above the break. It’s one of the best shots you can take based on points per possession.

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Still, the Tigers have been cold year-round, canning only 30.6% of their tries, ranking 321st in the nation. That number has dropped to 23.5% over the past five games. The team lost 0-3 against Alabama. The NCAA Division I average is 36.2%.

Higher guards Tre Gomillion and Nick Honor were the best out of the corners this year for Mizzou, Gomillion 5-11 and Honor 7-19. But no other player who has stopped at least twice makes more than a third of his attempts.

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The Tigers have been above average at distance all season, earning 34.7% of their treys before entering Saturday’s game against the Crimson Tide. But about three quarters of their makeup came from above the break. Sinking out of the corners a few more times could help the team become an offensive juggernaut again.

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