Practical: Samsung Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner with all-in-one cleaning station


Practical: Samsung Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner with all-in-one cleaning station

To note: This feature was first released on January 11, 2022 and is now updated with a video review.

It took a while, but now you can get more Samsung Bespoke Home devices here in Singapore. Joining the refrigerator launched last September is the new Custom jet hand broom vacuum cleaner.

The custom jet in Woody Green.

The Bespoke Jet was announced last year as part of Samsung’s big Bespoke Home launch which aims to bring high-end home appliances with a focus on usability and design to a more upmarket clientele. It’s also Samsung’s flagship handheld vacuum cleaner and so it comes with looks and functionality to match.

The Bespoke Jet in Misty White.

For starters, it looks like an expensive vacuum cleaner. Available in Woodsy Green and Mist White, the Bespoke Jet looks like a luxury home appliance. In the hands it feels solidly put together and there’s a handy digital display that shows suction power, run time and even warning messages if something gets stuck in the brush head.

The all-in-one station charges the vacuum and automatically empties its bin.

One of the biggest problems with vacuum cleaners is the need to empty their bins every time they are full. To work around this problem, the Bespoke Jet has what Samsung calls a All-in-one cleaning station. Essentially, it’s a stand that not only charges the vacuum, but also empties its bin, saving homeowners the trouble of getting their hands dirty and doing it themselves.

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The station empties the contents of the vacuum cleaner bin into this bag.

With Air Pulse technology, it dislodges dust and debris in the vacuum’s bin and traps up to 99.999% of dust and fine particles in an antibacterial bag which can be easily removed when full. I’d say that’s probably the biggest reason anyone would want to get a custom jet.

Besides the automatic charging and emptying station, the Bespoke Jet is also powerful. Although relatively compact and lightweight, Samsung claims up to 210W of suction power. The vacuum itself also has several filters that Samsung says will remove 99.999% of dust and fine particles.

Removable batteries are ideal for owners of large homes to clean.

Unlike most vacuums in its class, the Bespoke Jet uses removable batteries. Claimed battery life is up to 60 minutes when you use it with normal suction power.

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There are two advantages to having removable batteries. For owners of large homes, replacing the batteries will allow them to continue cleaning without having to wait for a long charge. Second, we’ve been told that a common problem these vacuums face is battery failure. Removable batteries will therefore allow owners to get the most out of their devices without having to visit the service center to have them examined and repaired.

The brushes that will come with the Bespoke Jet.

The Bespoke Jet comes with different cleaning heads for different cleaning needs. Here are all the accessories you will find in the box:

  • Soft action brush
  • Dual brush jet
  • pet tool
  • Combination tool
  • Extension Crevice Tool
  • flexible tool
  • Accessory cradle

There is also a separate head which can be used for cleaning. However, it is sold separately.

There is an optional cleaning head that you can attach to the Bespoke Jet if you want to use it for cleaning.

It’s hard to say how efficient the Bespoke Jet is due to the limitations of the practice area. However, the self-emptying bin seems to work beautifully and the whole system looks polished and refined. Clearly, this is a device designed for well-heeled customers who want a very functional yet good-looking vacuum cleaner that won’t look out of place in their designer homes.

Since we first published this article, my editor has had the Bespoke Jet for a while now and he has a pretty specific reason of who and why should get Samsung’s flagship cordless vacuum cleaner:-

Availability and prices

The Samsung Bespoke Jet will be available from the end of January 2022. Here are the two versions that will be available.

Samsung Bespoke Jet trims
Model Complete Extra Custom Jet Custom full jet
Color Woody Green misty white
Battery 2 batteries 1 battery
Price $1,499 $1,299

The separate cleaning head I mentioned earlier usually costs S$199, but Bespoke Jet customers can purchase it for the special price of S$99.


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