President Ghani congratulates Prime Minister Modi as Afghanistan begins vaccination against COVID-19 using vaccine made in India


Launching the vaccination program in his country with vaccines made in India, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday congratulated the Indian government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for sending vaccines. The first to be vaccinated were members of the Afghan security forces and health workers at the dedication ceremony attended by senior Afghan officials and Indian envoy to Afghanistan Rudrendra Tandon.

Ashraf Ghani said: “India, the world’s largest democracy and the largest vaccine producer, has not only provided the Parliament of Afghanistan and the dams that this country is proud of, but also a partnership with us to secure our lives and our livelihoods. “

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Elaborating, “The solidarity shown by India is an indication both of our deep historical relationship and of the promise of two democracies working together in this region. Let me thank PM Modi, the Indian government for this act. of solidarity and generosity. “

India had donated 500,000 doses of COVISHIELD vaccine to the country earlier this month. Last year, during the covid pandemic, India sent medicines and sent 75,000 tonnes of wheat to the country as humanitarian aid through the port of Chabahar to avoid any food shortages.

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So far, New Delhi has sent vaccines, in the form of gifts and commercial products, to more than 20 countries. With the notable exception of Pakistan for obvious reasons, all of India’s neighbors have received anti-covid vaccines from India. In fact, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Afghanistan have started their immunization program using vaccines made in India. In contrast, Pakistan stood out by being the only country in South Asia to begin vaccination using the Chinese vaccine.

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Ghani at the event, in what appears to be a remark on Pakistan, said: “We must make sure to overcome the forces of negative nationalism, nationalism must be an act of solidarity and pride in our common humanity and not the sponsorship of groups and tendencies which foresee conflicts “

Pakistan has hosted several terrorist groups and Kabul has made it very clear that they are the cause of instability in the region.



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