Pressure mounts on Republicans to topple Trump amid impeachment battle


“A violent mob attacks the Capitol, instigated by power-hungry politicians like Ron Johnson,” one narrator proclaims in the ad, which the party spends $ 63,000 to broadcast for a week. “Johnson should resign.”

The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump group, has pledged to mount an intense campaign of pressure on Republican lawmakers who opposed certification of election results. And while the group’s main focus is on Republican senators for re-election in 2022, it also promises to make life difficult for Senators Josh Hawley of Missouri and Ted Cruz of Texas, who led the opposition to certify the results in Senate. .

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The Lincoln Project began airing its first ad on Wednesday attacking Republican members of Congress for their vote against the election results, spending $ 570,000 on an ad proclaiming “it’s your coup” in the media markets of Mr. Cruz, Mr. Hawley. and Representative Kevin McCarthy, the Minority Leader.

Another group, the Boot Texas Republicans PAC, targets Mr. Cruz’s donors in Texas. On Wednesday, he launched a new campaign called “Defund Cruz” and published a website listing the name of every donor who has contributed more than $ 1,000 to Mr. Cruz’s political campaigns. The group aims to pressure donors to claim their money.

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“Ted Cruz has blood on his hands, as do his major donors unless they take action now to put his political career on hold,” Zack Malitz, who was former representative Beto O’s 2018 campaign manager. Rourke and founder of Boot Republicans of Texas, said in a statement.

For more than four years, the base of the Republican Party has remained staunchly loyal to Mr. Trump, and many lawmakers still feel pressure to follow Trump’s line. Less than a day after Representative Liz Cheney, the third House Republican, announced her intention to vote to impeach Mr. Trump, a group of his colleagues began to move to oust him from his leadership position.

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Mr. Trump also has loyalists in the donor community.

Doug Deason, a Republican contributor in Texas, said it was “highly hypocritical of Democrats and all the businesses that have chosen Republicans to try to force a break with Trump because they think he incited violence.


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