Prince Philip “reacts to treatment” for infection: Palace


Palace sources said his admission was unrelated to the coronavirus. (Deposit)

London, United Kingdom:

Queen Elizabeth II’s husband Prince Philip, 99, will be spending more time in a London hospital where he is being treated for an unspecified condition, Buckingham Palace announced on Tuesday.

“The Duke of Edinburgh remains in King Edward VII Hospital where he is receiving medical treatment for an infection,” said a statement.

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“He is comfortable and responding to treatment, but he shouldn’t be discharged from the hospital for several days.”

Philip, who has been married to the Queen for 73 years, was admitted to private hospital in London a week ago as a “precautionary measure” after feeling unwell, according to the palace.

Her youngest son, Prince Edward, told Sky News earlier that his dad was “much better …, and he can’t wait to get out.

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“So we keep our fingers crossed,” he added.

Philip’s grandson Prince William said on Monday the Duke was “OK” and was being closely watched by medical staff.


Palace sources said his admission was unrelated to the coronavirus.

Heir to the throne, Prince Charles visited his father in hospital on Saturday but did not comment on his state of health.

Philip, a former naval officer, was treated at the same hospital in August 2012 after a recurrence of a bladder infection that put him to birth during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

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The year before, he had a stent installed after suffering from a blocked coronary artery.

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