PRISM+ goes beyond displays with the launch of its range of smart air conditioners


PRISM+ goes beyond displays with the launch of its range of smart air conditioners

The homegrown PRISM+ brand has announced its expansion into smart home appliances with the launch of its range of smart air conditioners, the PRISM+ Zero.

The launch includes three models of indoor units, the PRFZ09 (9,212btu/h), the PRFZ12 (12,010btu/h), and the PRFZ18 (18,010btu/h), along with two outdoor compressor models, the PRCZ28 and the PRCZ36. A fourth indoor unit, the PRFZ24 (24,200btu/h) is expected to arrive in September.

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Both compressors can support different combinations of indoor units, from system 2 to system 4.

The air conditioners are controlled by a smart app called PRISM+ Connect. The main features include:

  • Geolocation setting to turn devices on and off based on the user’s proximity so they can enjoy a cooler environment in advance or not worry about forgetting to turn off their devices
  • Set routines based on ambient temperature or timing to suit a user’s lifestyle
  • Insights for usage monitoring
  • Google Assistant integration for voice control
  • Maintenance notifications and in-app booking of services
  • Remote replication and remote device management

PRISM+ added that energy monitoring and motion detection will be coming to the app soon.

Prices and availability

The smart app provides a number of insights.  Image source: PRISM+.

The PRISM+ Zero is now available at prices from S$2,199 for a System 2, S$2,599 for a system 3and S$3,299 for a system 4.

In addition, customers can also enjoy attractive early bird deals.

As part of their limited-time launch offer, first 200 customers who purchase a System 3 air conditioner bundle will receive either a Q32 Android TV (S$379) or the latest Flow Soundbar (S$269), while customers who purchase a System 4 bundle will receive a free Q55-QE Pro Android TV to take it home ( € 999).

Early bird customers are too right to an extra promotion with improved materials for their installation, such as premium LitaFlex ducts, Armaflex Class 0 insulation, 0.81mm copper tubing and Keystone cables worth up to S$1,900.