Priyanka Chopra Jonas saves the planet one bottle of shampoo at a time


Priyanka Chopra Jonas wants you to talk about trash – literally. Do you throw things in the trash that could be recycled? Do you know how to properly sort your recycling? And are you really as sustainable as possible with your waste and recycling? Chopra Jonas hopes you will talk about waste with your friends and family to raise awareness of how we could all be more sustainable, just like her, by using the hashtag #TrashTalkChallenge. That’s why their clean, green hair care brand, Anomaly, will be sharing educational content on their platform, just in time for Earth Day. They will also collect plastic waste from their community of fans, influencers and publishers to recycle and use for their next batch of packaging.

But Anomaly isn’t about making these efforts just on Earth Day – they’re meant to be sustainable and eco-friendly every day. “This has always been important to me because I have been advocating for the world to become more environmentally conscious for years now,” says Chopra Jonas. “It was just a natural step in that direction. All I’m trying to do is with that in mind. I think the beauty industry doesn’t take enough responsibility for the kind of waste we create. It was my contribution to beauty, in a way, showing that it is possible. It is possible to make recycled packaging, which can be recycled again, so that you are not contributing to the carbon footprint – you are actually removing it. At the same time, we can create that and make it look beautiful, while still maintaining an aesthetic. I was so excited when we got it right. I felt really proud of the fact that I could walk, you know?

Anomaly launched in February earlier this year exclusively at Target and meets the retail giant’s own beauty standards. Entirely made in the USA, all of their shampoo and conditioner bottles are made from 100% plastic waste that would have ended up in a landfill or in the ocean instead. According to the EPA, up to 70% of plastic waste generated by the beauty industry is not recycled. Anomaly dry shampoo comes in an infinitely recyclable aluminum case. Even more impressive, the entire line costs less than $ 8 to make clean, long-lasting beauty accessible to everyone, as it is often overpriced, making it out of reach for the average consumer.

For Chopra Jonas, Anomaly is about the democratization of beauty. “Good beauty should be affordable for everyone,” she says. “Because we spend so little on our packaging, which is made from 100% recycled waste from oceans and landfills – literally, the cap on each of these bottles is three cents – we saved a lot of money. and had the option to spend it on the formula. So, it’s vegan, clean, cruelty-free, and doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates, or mineral oils or anything. Usually this stuff is very expensive; it is in two digits. I remember when I was a kid I could never afford the right things.

With Anomaly, Chopra Jonas set about shattering myths about the beauty industry. In fact, the only thing she wants everyone to know about lasting beauty is the fact that it’s doable and shouldn’t be that expensive, she says. “You’re usually told to get clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and have a great formula, you have to empty your wallet,” she says. “I don’t think that’s true. These are two myths that we have definitely tried to break with this product. She notes that while there are options when it comes to clean, durable skin care and makeup brands that are affordable, the same does not exist in hair care, which is another. reason she created Anomaly. “I always like to find a gap in the market every time I do anything,” says Chopra Jonas. “White space, for me, was to be able to have a superior formula in environmentally friendly packaging, but at the same time, affordable beauty. And this trio for me was very crucial.

Another key element was to make Anomaly completely sexless. “It was really important for me that this line was unisex,” says Chopra Jonas. “I didn’t want him to scream the genre, which we see with a skincare line with similar flowers, and then there’s blue and super black for men. Who decides? Stop telling me what to label who I am. I’m not a fan of labels. And I think it really manifested in the line.

The tightly edited collection includes seven products, meant to reflect her own hair washing experience. “I knew I wanted to keep it simple,” says Chopra Jonas. “I wanted it to be accessible to everyone and not very complicated. I’m usually put off by a lot of beauty to-do lists like do this and then do that. I can not; I don’t have time for this. I wanted it to be like everyday, really fast, but also be able to give you superior results. I focused on that and that’s how Anomaly came to be.

Unless Chopra Jonas is stuck on set and doesn’t have the time or can’t because she has to keep her hair intact for the continuity of a character, she prefers to wash her hair every day. “This is why the mild shampoo was really important to me because it doesn’t strip my hair of natural oils; it doesn’t look dry after washing it, ”she says. “Very little goes very far in this line because it is really focused. I love to air dry my hair and it takes its natural shape and it feels really fresh and great. This is something I do very often. So the mild shampoo is my favorite. I love the Shine conditioner that comes with it, which is great for an everyday conditioner. ”

On weekends, when her mother is with her, she will oil her hair for her. “It’s a very traditional thing that we do,” says Chopra Jonas. “Mothers usually oil their daughters’ hair or grandmothers do it. My grandmother used to do it when I was a kid with coconut oil. It’s really great to have your scalp massaged. You can do this yourself with pure coconut oil or almond oil. Just create a little movement as it is really good to get the blood flowing which creates healthier hair as it grows. So this is something I do and then I use the clarifying shampoo because it has charcoal in it. It’s perfect for oily hair and an oily scalp. Chopra Jonas also likes the Deep Conditioning Treatment Mask because it’s like ‘going to the spa’. A mixture of castor oil and avocado oils intended to nourish dry, damaged hair, she will leave it for 15-20 minutes in the shower while shaving and then rinse it off at the end. Then when the bottle is empty, she will throw it in the recycling bin so she can live another life.