PUBG Mobile India Update: Game Relaunch January 15-19? Here are all the details


PUBG Mobile India has once again released a trailer hinting at a possible relaunch. In a video apparently on Youtube, he said that PUBG Mobile India could launch anytime between January 15 and January 19. The video message read: “The teaser will feature some of India’s top PUBG content creators.” In a Twitter post from Maxtern, who is described on his Twitter bio as experienced at Casting PUBG, COD and Free Fire, pinned a tweet indicating that a deadly announcement will be made between January 15 and January 19. If the ad is false, he will delete his Twitter handle. While there was no talk of a relaunch, the trailer on Youtube and Maxtern’s announcement raises some questions.

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While FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards) is expected to launch by January 26, PUBG Mobile India’s desperation might seem relevant given that they will lose a lot of ground in the gaming market once FAU-G is launched. . However, the claims in the Youtube video and claim from Maxtern’s Twitter account are questionable for one main reason. PUBG Corporation and the Indian government have yet to make any official statements on the revival of gambling in India. Recently, in an RTI request, the government said that accessing PUBG in India was not considered illegal, but that does not indicate that a relaunch is planned. In a previous RTI request, he said that there was no preferential treatment given to PUBG Mobile and the ban simply could not be lifted like this.

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PUBG Mobile India Status?

Many industry insiders say PUBG Mobile India may attempt a relaunch around March 2021. With the Indian government not releasing an official statement, all news of a relaunch in the coming days is false. PUBG Mobile India can only re-enter the country if MEITY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) lifts the ban on PUBG Mobile India and 118 Chinese apps. The ban took place in September 2020 under section 69A of the Information Technology Act 2000.

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Lifting the ban will depend on improving the situation between the Indian and Chinese governments. But gamers are advised not to fall prey to fake news and only wait for an official update from the Indian government or PUBG Corporation. Until then, gamers in India cannot access any APK downloads from PUBG Global or Korean outlines as it could put them and their middlemen in trouble with the Indian government.



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