Puerto Rican New Yorkers keep a close eye on Tropical Storm Fiona and check in at relatives’ homes


NEW YORK — Tropical Storm Fiona is expected to make landfall as a hurricane in Puerto Rico on Sunday, causing unrest not only there but also here in New York, home to more than 850,000 Puerto Ricans.

The Mott Haven neighborhood in the Bronx may be 1,600 miles from Puerto Rico, but from the food to the nightlife, it’s nonetheless brimming with Puerto Rican culture.

“I’m from the center of the island,” said Maria Colon.

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“The whole side of my father’s family,” Yvonne Colon said.

But right now, those Puerto Rican New Yorkers are mostly happy to be in the Bronx.

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Some of their relatives are bracing for Tropical Storm Fiona, including some who are right on the storm’s expected path.

‘I just spoke to an aunt of mine. She was literally preparing everything for her house, you know, so they don’t get damaged,’ Yvonne Colon said.

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Forecasters say heavy rains could cause not only power outages, but also landslides and severe flooding.

The storm has already hit several Caribbean islands and at least one person has died in Guadeloupe.

“It’s a little worrisome,” Lorenny Martinez said, who often visited her aunt. “The lights go out and they may not have water for a few days. They hope it’s not like Maria, but I think it’ll be fine.’

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Martinez and others recall the fear of not being able to reach their family by phone two weeks after Hurricane Maria.

Puerto Ricans here hope to get regular updates from their relatives.


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