Qld prime minister condemns ‘horrific’ racist comments by police officers



The Queensland Prime Minister has condemned the “horrific” racist statements by the state police in audio recordings leaked from the Brisbane city guardhouse.

Officers caught on the leaked footage can be heard talking about beating and burying black people, referring to Nigerians as “jigaboos”, raising fears that Australia is being “damn taken over”.

Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed that she was aware of the shooting.

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“I’ve heard certain excerpts from it – it’s horrific,” Ms Palaszczuk told reporters on Monday.

“Let me say very clearly that there is no place for people who are police officers to be racist in their language.”

The racist language was secretly recorded in guardhouse cells before being released by the guard.

Transcripts reveal that police refer to a black detainee as “a gorilla in the fog” while making jokes about a female indigenous detainee who “won’t give you a fucking blowjob”.

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Liberal National Party leader David Crisafulli said it was important for the Queensland police to make the necessary changes.

“The vast majority of police officers are also demanding that the change be made,” he said.

“They don’t want their reputations tarnished by those who say and do the wrong thing.”

The footage has been submitted to the Queensland Commission of Inquiry into police responses to domestic and family violence, with a final report being handed over to the government on Monday.

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The report is being considered by the cabinet before it is released.

– with AAP