Queen’s Piper who woke her up every morning plays a different role at her funeral


The Man Who Woke Up Queen Elizabeth II on the last day of her life let her rest too.

For decades, the Queen’s personal bagpiper, known as Piper to the Sovereign, acted as her personal alarm clock, playing 15 minutes under her window at 9am in all of her official UK residences.

But during the monarch’s funeral at Westminster Abbey on Monday, pipe major Paul Burns of the Royal Regiment of Scotland played a different tune, the Telegraph reports..

According to the Telegraph, Burns was the one who woke the Queen from her sleep on her last day at Balmoral Castle.

Queen Elizabeth II was a long time fan of the bagpipesbut she is certainly not the first monarch to be fascinated by Scotland’s national instrument.

One of them, Scott Methven, who served Queen Elizabeth between 2015 and 2019, spoke fondly of the late monarch to the TBEN last week.

“It was a pleasure when Her Majesty would stand and watch you play,” he told the TBEN. “She enjoyed the bagpipes, but she got to know you as a person.”

Pipe Major Paul Burns performs at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral at Westminster Abbey in central London on September 19, 2022.

FRANK AUGSTEIN via Getty Images

“I stood by the Queen and she said, ‘If you’re not here in the morning and you’re not playing the bagpipes, I know you’re gone. Don’t wait to ask someone, just go home when your family needs you, because it’s family first.’”

He added: “She grabbed my arm again and said, ‘You know, Pipes, if anyone has a problem with that, tell me I said it was okay to go.'”