Ramiz Raja has the same expectations of Babar Azam as he did for Imran Khan


Babar Azam will lead Pakistan in the T20 World Cup which will be played in Oman and the United Arab Emirates.© Twitter

Newly appointed Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja believes it is ‘too early’ for him to assess Babar Azam, but stressed he has similar expectations to Pakistani skipper with Imran Khan . Ramiz Raja, the 1992 World Cup-winning player, was unanimously and unopposed on Monday as the 36th president of the PCB for a three-year term. Ramiz also said that it was important for him to know Babar first as well as his new role before making a decision in the future. “It’s too early for me to assess him. It’s important for me to get to know him better. It’s also important for me to understand the role. You (as the captain) tend to make a lot of requests, some good ones. but others you need to make a compelling argument for, ”Ramiz said, as quoted by The Bharat Express News.

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“I did a few sessions with him and told him if you don’t have 400 autograph hunters outside the academy then the goal of playing cricket has failed.”

“I want leadership like the one I played under in my time. My expectations for Babar are the same as I had with Imran Khan,” he added.


In addition, former Australian batsman Matthew Hayden and former South African coach Vernon Philander were appointed stick and bowling training consultants for the Pakistan team on Monday.

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With the aim of further strengthening the age group structure and ensuring that young cricketers are fully equipped for modern cricket, Ramiz Raja has also announced his intention to launch a U19 T20 league to develop the players of nascent stadium cricket.

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