Razer Edge Cloud Gaming handheld launches on January 26 in the US


Razer Edge Cloud Gaming handheld launches on January 26 in the US

Razer has announced that it has unveiled its new handheld gaming device, the Razor edge, on January 26 in the US. The device is available for purchase through Razer’s website and retail stores and starts at a price of US$399.99. There will also be a 5G version of the Edge for sale, but it’s only available in the US from Verizon’s website and stores for $599.99.

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The Razer Edge has one 6.8-inch OLED display with a 144 Hz refresh rateand is powered by the Snapdragon G3x chip. It has 128 GB storage space that can be expanded up to 2 TB by using a microSD slotand comes with a removable one Kishi V2 Pro controller.

Razer promotes the Edge as a convenient way to play Xbox games via the cloud or via Steam Link. In addition to the Edge, Razer also unveiled several other products at CES 2023, including new ones Razer blade laptops, and curiously, a gaming chair pillow with built-in speakers and haptics.

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Project Karel.  IMAGE: RAZER

Called Project Carol, it is a gaming chair headrest that aims to provide a more immersive gaming experience through the use of surround sound and haptic feedback. The unit attaches to any gaming chair with a universal mounting system and has near-field surround sound speakers on either side that can deliver up to 7.1 surround sound.

The cushion cover is also equipped with haptic feedback technology developed by Interhaptics, which converts sounds into vibrations so users can feel the action around them. Project Carol connects wirelessly, with up to eight hours of battery life and a USB-C charging port. The device is expected to be a popular addition to any gamer’s setup, providing an unobtrusive yet immersive way to enhance the gaming experience.

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Razer has not revealed a release date and pricing details for Project Carol.