Recent Photos Show Former WCW/WWE Star Buff Bagwell Has Changed Up Her Hairstyle and Overall Look


Buff Bagwell seems to be in a much better place in his life these days.

The former WCW star looks unrecognizable in recent photos where he is seen sporting a different haircut and business attire. Bagwell has been working with Diamond Dallas Page this year to turn things around after years of substance abuse and law problems.

The photos below appear to be for a new project, but whatever it is, he definitely looks a lot happier and healthier than he’s been in years.

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In addition to the work he does with DDP, Bagwell posted a video on Twitter saying he is doing his best to take care of the fans who have not received autographed merchandise from him due to issues with his former manager. You can see Bagwell’s new look and video update from a few days ago in the Twitter embeds below.