Red Dot United reaffirms its stance on 377A withdrawal


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While Red Dot United (RDU) does not have any representation in parliament, it has nevertheless come out to let its party stand on the repeal 377A issue, which will be discussed by MPs at the end of the month before being released. going to vote on what matters.

The party that competed in the Jurong GRC in Singapore’s general election over the weekend said on its official Facebook page this weekend: “Like the wider community, members of Red Dot United have different views on the matter and we can understand that some of these views are based on cultural and religious views.”

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During the elections, the party led by its secretary-general Ravi Philemon announced that if one of its candidates is elected to parliament and the issue of the repeal of 377A comes up for discussion, the RDU will allow its parliamentarians to vote according to their conscience and in reflection of their voters on the ground.’

In August of this year, RDU also issued a statement stating that it promises: “continue to listen closely to all our constituents on the ground as they shape and advocate for policies that will make strong families the cornerstone of our society.”

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This is after they acknowledged that the LGBT community has said there are no immediate plans to take up a legal challenge to redefine marriage, as currently stated in the Women’s Charter.

K Shanmugam filed Criminal Code (Amendment) to repeal Section 377A

In October, Home Affairs and Law K Shanmugam introduced a law in parliament that will repeal Section 377A, which criminalizes sex between men. Minister for Social and Family Development Masagos Zulkifli.

The two readings of the bills will be discussed when parliament meets on November 28, with a simple majority needed to repeal the law, and two-thirds of the MP’s support needed to amend the constitution.

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Following the proposed repeal of 377A, a constitutional amendment was tabled by Minister Masagos. It is intended to reaffirm the government’s position in protecting the sanctity of marriage to which many in society are accustomed. Many of Singapore’s laws and policies are based on this definition, including adoption, housing and education.

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