Reeling Trump drops lawsuit against Letitia James after she was punched in her wallet


It is no coincidence that Trump dropped his lawsuit against New York AG Letitia James less than a day after being hit with nearly $1 million in Florida sanctions for his frivolous lawsuit against Hillary Clinton.

TBEN News reported:

The retraction came in a brief document filed Friday morning with U.S. District Judge Donald Middlebrooks, who late Thursday warned Trump’s legal team that the lawsuit seemed verging on frivolous.

“Plaintiff, PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, by and through his undersigned counsel and pursuant to Fed. R.Civ. P. 41(a)(1)(A)(i), hereby voluntarily disclaims its claims in this action against Defendant, LETITIA JAMES, without prejudice,” the letter read.

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Trump’s lawsuit against James charged her with “harassment and harassment” and repeated “attempts to steal, destroy, or control anything related to Trump.”

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The lawsuit was a political stunt designed to make Trump look “strong” as he continues to clean his clock in courts across the country. The sanctions imposed by the judge in connection with Trump’s lawsuit against Hillary Clinton seem to have reached him and his lawyers.

Frivolous lawsuits will entail very high costs. The goal should be to deter lawyers who know better from doing Trump’s bidding and to tie up the courts with nonsense.

By getting lucky and winning for once, Trump has revealed himself as one of history’s great losers.


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