Remote Parking System – How does it work?


Have you ever wished your car could come apart on its own? With automatic parking technologies and self-service cars, your wish can come true. Read this article to learn more about this technology.

Parking can be a difficult task if you are a new driver. Sometimes it is even difficult for experienced drivers to park in high density areas. A remote parking system helps drivers park accurately. This technology saves time and effort when parking in tight spaces. These driver assistance technologies are in high demand, and for all the right reasons.

What is a remote park?

A big leap forward in automation, remote parking is added to the usual mechanics of a car. It parks the car precisely without any manual intervention. This means that the driver can get out of the car in a better place and ask the software to park the car in the correct parking spot. Also, when getting inside the car, the driver can request the car to exit the parking space and return to the drop point. This makes parking easier and minimizes the risk of accidents, bumps or scratches.


How does the technology work?

Technology allows the car to park. However, it needs some instruction and handling in most cars. Here’s how the system works:

  1. Proximity sensors installed around the car detect objects around.
  2. The driver must send instructions to the car via a remote control to help the system activate. Once the sensors are activated, the driver can move the car forwards and backwards and steer remotely.
  3. The system also assists the driver when accelerating and braking. When the sensors detect danger from nearby objects, they steer the car away from them. Therefore, despite some manual intervention and machine assistance, the car can be easily parked.
  4. Many automatic parking assist systems can also operate with minimal input. However, some help avoid objects and walls.

Advances in remote parking technology

Automatic parking technology was developed to make parking a dream. Top car manufacturers like BMW and Hyundai have introduced several models with this feature. And Nissan has also introduced similar technology, patented as ProPILOT assist. Such developments not only make these cars more desirable, but also increase customer loyalty through innovation. But while the parking assistants in these cars are semi-automated, Tesla cars have gone further. A Tesla can drive automatically and reach where the driver is as long as the range is limited to 200 meters.


Although several luxury and high-end car models have the self-parking feature built in, it can also be installed separately. New advances in technology will allow cars to park without any manual assistance and over longer distances.

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