Report: NYC Mayor Sues City at ‘Breaking Point’ Over Illegal Immigration


New York City (NYC) is reportedly reviewing its “right to shelter” policy — a legal requirement in the city — as illegal immigrants continue to be transported there by Republican governors.

The potential shift in policy comes as Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey have bussed thousands of illegal immigrants — all reportedly “asylum seekers” — into the city.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has repeatedly complained about illegal immigrants arriving in New York, despite it being a “sanctuary city.”

“We expect thousands more to arrive every week in the future,” he said. “The city system is approaching its breaking point.”

The mayor’s office claims 11,000 illegal immigrants have arrived from Texas. The Border Patrol reports that they encountered 200,000 crossers in July this year, or 6,500 a day, so you can imagine New York’s complaints about 11,000 don’t fly by many.

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NYC Rethinks Their ‘Right to Shelter’ Laws

If 11,000 illegal immigrants spiral into a city that, if it were an independent nation, would have the 10th largest economy in the world, what do they think nearly 2 million pouring into the United States will affect the country as a whole? to do?

Brendan McGuire, Mayor Adams’ chief adviser, admits the city is having to reassess its “right to shelter” practices amid the influx.

“We are evaluating the city’s practices regarding the right to shelter,” McGuire said, according to TBEN News. “It’s important — because we don’t exist in a vacuum — to rethink the practices that the city has developed that stem from the right to shelter.”

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In July, an Adams spokesperson praised the city’s reception policies.

“In New York City, we have a legal and moral mandate to provide shelter to anyone who needs it, and we will continue to fulfill that mandate,” the spokesperson said, advocating for financial support from the federal government.

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Denies that they are reassessing

However, Adams suggested NYC would continue to find a way to integrate the illegal immigrants and enforce their “right to shelter” policies.

“Every asylum seeker who comes to New York is given shelter. We are required by law, and we are going to do that,” Adams said.

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“This goes beyond that. What you see today, we don’t stop at the bare minimum of right to shelter. We go above and beyond to ensure that people here in our city have the right to a decent life,” he continued.

“And so we’re going to take up our challenge if that means opening more emergency shelters.”

Last week, however, a joint statement by the Association for Legal Aid and the Coalition for the Homeless accuses the city of dozens of violations of the ‘right to shelter’ laws.

It was the second time the Adams government broke the law.

The mayor blames Abbotts busloads of illegal immigrants for the problem, but homeless advocates accused Eric Adams of using it as a scapegoat for an ongoing affordable housing crisis in New York City.

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