Republicans rewrite old reading book about denial of rights to black Americans


Mr Barber said Mr Biden and Ms Harris ‘victory was all the more remarkable given that it came in the face of these changes in electoral laws, showing that’ when people have a chance to vote, they will vote clearly in their interests. . “

Mr. Trump’s campaign against the results has focused on measures taken by state and local authorities to facilitate voting during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly postal voting.

But the extent to which the president now identifies voters of color for deprivation of their rights is striking even by modern Republican standards, especially after performing better with black voters this year than he did a year ago. four years.

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Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett noted in an interview that Mr. Trump was hyper focused on his city, which is about 39% black and 19% Latino, and not on the predominantly white and Republican suburbs outside, which had the same thing. regulations that the Trump campaign challenged in Milwaukee.

“We are witnessing an absolutely real-time effort to disenfranchise people of color across Milwaukee County,” said Barrett, a Democrat. (The president is also pushing for a recount in Dane County, a predominantly white area of ​​Wisconsin with a sizable student body.)

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In Pennsylvania, Mayor Jim Kenney of Philadelphia, also a Democrat, highlighted the Republican-led General Assembly’s refusal to allow election officials to begin treating mail-in ballots early as a direct attack on voting in his city, which would struggle under the volume. votes while the more rural and white counties would have a much easier vote processing time.

“There were efforts from the start,” Kenney said.

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Perhaps nowhere has black vote targeting been more explicit than in Wayne County, Michigan, where Detroit is located. Although Republicans lobbied the Wayne County canvassing board not to certify the vote, the number of ridings with slightly inconsistent data was lower than it was in 2016, when Mr. Trump won the elections. States by a smaller voting margin which has been unanimously certified.


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