‘Resident Evil 4’ gets VR remake on the Oculus Quest 2


Capcom announced that it is remaking Resident Evil 4 for VR, exclusively for the Oculus Quest 2.

Partnering with Oculus Studios and Armature Studios, the remake will shift the camera from Leon Kennedy’s shoulder to a more VR-friendly first-person view. As someone who has repeatedly tried to get into RE4 and failed, maybe this is what I need to finally persevere?

This will notably be the first time that the resident Evil The series is available in VR outside of the PlayStation ecosystem. Resident Evil VII had a very well-received VR port, but that unfortunately never made its way to other platforms, meaning a lot of people were arguably left out of how best to experience the game. luck, Resident Evil 4 is just the start and could help convince Capcom to come out Resident Evil VIIthe VR mode of on more platforms.

Even if you are not tall Resi fan, impossible to deny the influence Resident Evil 4 in particular took on the whole survival horror genre. Not only did this mark a new direction for the series, taking on a more action-packed tone, but it also directly inspired other great horror classic games like Dead space and The last of us to more unexpected titles, like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Armament of war.

Further details on the Resident Evil 4 VR ports are slim in the field, but we can expect to hear more about that on April 21, during the Oculus Gaming Showcase.