Residents of the informal settlement of Gomorrah march towards Tshwane House


By James Mahlokwane November 20, 2020

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Pretoria – Frustrated residents of the informal settlement of Gomorrah walked to Tshwane house asking for electricity and running water.

The group of residents of the Malusi One section said they were the original inhabitants of the former township of Pretoria West but remained without basic services.

Singing and dancing with placards outside Tshwane House, they asked the new council to do the right thing as it made no sense that the new sections of the township had electricity while they still lived in darkness.

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Last week, they gathered outside the Pretoria West Police Station to demand that corrupt officers who worked with criminals hiding in their community be investigated and rooted out.

They said they had started their journey to fight for their rights and their protest escalated when a member of their community burned down in a shack last week.

Community member Boshielo Elmond said, “Our people are tired and we are here to demand that the new administration in charge of Tshwane step in and resolve our old grievances.

“These people are here to say that we want temporary electricity and that we will pay and help the city increase its income. It would help fight many illegal connections and keep our people safe.

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“Our people are dying in burning shacks because we are still using candles and it is not safe for us. It cannot be fair that after more than two decades we still live without electricity.

“There are newer stands or sections in Gomorrah that have been supplied with electricity. This in itself is unfair and causes tension. We also want running water. These are basic services that will make life easier for us as citizens.

“These people are employees who contribute taxes and play a role in the economy of this country. They are here to ask to be subsidized so that they don’t feel like strangers in their own city.

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“We also want the City to help investigate some people who pose as community leaders and use Sanco’s name to raise funds on behalf of the community at businesses in Pretoria West.

“We also raised this issue at the West Pretoria Police Station when we walked there. We say enough is enough. We take back our community and ask for what is owed to us.

“These demands are not new, we have been coming to the city here for years now. We want to act now.”

Residents will await comments from the City.

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