Residents of the Inland Empire respond to President Trump’s second impeachment


EASTVALE (TBEN) – Some support for President Donald Trump in the Inland Empire wanes as others stand by the president’s side following his historic second indictment.

Trump was accused of inciting an insurgency by Congress on Wednesday for his actions before and during a riot on the U.S. Capitol last week.

It was an emotional moment for many local Trump supporters, given that the president won in many Inland Empire communities in 2016.

Michael Timmons, an Eastvale resident who once backed the president, says Trump has gone too far too many times since the election.

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“It makes me a little embarrassed. It reflects badly on us as a nation to the rest of the world and it makes me sad, ”Timmons said. “I think all he has accomplished will be lost.”

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Daniel Wenzel, another Eastvale resident, says he does not support the violence that has taken place on Capitol Hill and resulted in up to five deaths, but that Trump’s impeachment comes too late.

“There are people who go to work every day and put their lives on the line to keep our process going and they just made life difficult for these people,” Wenzel said. “It’s mean, vengeful and doesn’t really make sense… the last one cost a lot of money for nothing and just fueled the fire.

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Others disagreed and said they were in favor of impeaching Trump.

“He deserved this one,” said Luis McDonald, a resident of Jurupa Valley.

McDonald said Trump’s recent message to Americans asking “to move forward, united” was four years too late and his impeachment was necessary.

“You have to sue it because it will let the next president, including Biden and everyone else, know that you just can’t have an insurgency against the United States,” McDonald said.

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After Congress votes to impeach, the Senate should act to condemn Trump.

An announcement by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sheds some light on what could happen next after he said he would not bring the Senate back early. This means that the trial will not take place until President Donald Trump leaves office. McConnell said he has yet to decide how he will vote.



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