Returnal’s toughest enemy is Sony’s $ 70 PS5 price tag


Returnal, by all accounts, is a great game if punishing difficulty coupled with great graphics and gameplay are your kind of thing. There is some debate to be had about the game and its save states, or lack thereof, but it has been well received by critics and fans alike.

And yet, I can’t bring myself to buy it.

For me personally, I am already on the close of Returnal since this is not the case ring how her extremely long streaks would really be for me, even though I can respect the genre. This is the kind of game that for many can prompt the question “does really worth $ 60 to me? “But now, in 2021, you have to ask yourself… is it worth $ 70?

Faced with Microsoft putting all of its first board games on Game Pass, Sony has pushed forward with the idea that all of its own PS5 games will have a base price of $ 70, a $ 10 increase over the standard of. the previous industry of $ 60.

While yes you can argue that some games like Horizon Forbidden West or God of War 2 or whatever Naughty Dog will do next is automatically “worth” $ 70, across the coin you can see how that price hurt in another way.

Godfall debuted at $ 70, which, I mean, if you’ve played it, sounds utter nonsense.

MLB The Show 21 not only expanded to Xbox Game Pass for “free,” but left Sony’s PS5 version looking wacky in comparison to a $ 70 entry price.

Now, a game that many might not be sure about in a tricky genre as a new IP, Returnal, is priced at $ 70, where if it was a title released on Xbox, we know. all that would be free to play on Game Pass. But it’s a much more difficult decision for that asking price, and many will want to wait for a sale, if they ever make it.

It’s not just me thinking about it, as early reports show Returnal is starting up slower than other PlayStation exclusive titles. Of course, part of that may be the availability and the fact that this is new intellectual property, but that price point probably contributes to that as well.

There has always been a debate as to whether all games should cost $ 60 across the board, given the different lengths and quality of the titles that all cost the same. Some games have gone down over time, but now Sony has created a situation where now everything is $ 10 higher and an even more difficult proposition. Yes you can say inflation should mean game prices should be equal higher than that now, and yet Sony is effectively the only one pushing hard for this price aside from a few other select series, and Xbox is literally working in the opposite direction with its Game Pass offerings.

I’m sure Returnal will be great in the end, but I think for this game and many others that are not Sony Megahit IPs, that price will continue to be a barrier to entry that many will not cross.

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