Ric Flair Says He’s “Drinked Every Night” Before Tonight’s Last Match Event


Ahead of what is billed as his final match, Ric Flair appeared on TMZ to promote tonight’s event in Nashville and talked about some of his recent health concerns.

Flair said he thought he had pneumonia and then he thought he had COVID and then he got plantar fasciitis on his foot which he described as “cruel”. Flair said everything is now “A-OK” and he’s ready to go for the show. Flair also stated that he never thought of postponing tonight’s show.

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When asked about the emotion that went into the match, Flair said his family will be there. He doesn’t know if his daughter Charlotte will be at the ring, but she will be nearby. Flair said he doesn’t intend to just parade around the ring and he wants to give the fans a lot more than that and he wants fans to wonder on Monday how he managed what he plans to do tonight . Flair then joked that he took a lot of pressure off himself by skating in the competition.

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