Ringier shuts itself in: The media company is silent on CEO Walder – internal criticism is loud


The media company Ringier is silent about the role of its boss Marc Walder during the corona crisis – but there is criticism internally

No report on what happened in Berset’s department during the Corona period, no statement on your own behavior. At Ringier, journalists accuse the CEO of misunderstanding his role.

“Good relationship with Mr. Walder”: Interior Minister Alain Berset (middle) poses together with Ringier CEO Marc Walder (right) and the then SBB boss Andreas Meyer in October 2018 in Zurich.

Image: Keystone/Peter Klaunzer

Two exclusive “Blick” stories on the Federal Council’s corona decisions were researched by the newspaper’s editors – and the head of the media company, Marc Walder, played no role in it. With this in mind, Ladina Heimgartner, Managing Director of the Blick Group, and Christian Dorer, Editor-in-Chief of the Blick Group, informed the editorial team on Monday morning.