Rishi Sunak is pumping more leveling money into the South


During the summer Tory leadership election, Mr Sunak faced a backlash after leaked audio showed him speaking about changing approaches to funding in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

He said: “We inherited some formulas from Labour, which put all funding in deprived urban areas, and that had to be reversed. I started the work to undo that.

Funding remains a complicated picture as every region in England received a nine-figure sum in the latest round of announcements.

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The North West had the largest share in both rounds, rising from 13.7 per cent in the first round to 17 per cent in the second round, in which it received around £354 million.

Thursday’s second round also represents a bigger pot of money from the government, rising to £2.1bn from the £1.7bn announced in October 2021.

Mr Sunak’s constituency of Richmond, in North Yorkshire, will benefit from £19 million for a regeneration project from Richmondshire District Council.

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Holborn and St Pancras, the constituency of Sir Keir Starmer, the Labor leader, has received £7.7 million for the London Borough of Camden. The Wigan constituency of Labor secretary Lisa Nandy will receive £20 million.

A total of £672 million will be spent on improving transport links, with a further £821 million on community regeneration, including to “open up thousands of new homes”, and £594 million on restoring local heritage sites.

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Cardiff Council, Lancaster City Council and Cornwall Council each received £50 million, which will go towards a Crossrail project, the transformation of the Morecambe coast and a new direct rail link across Cornwall.