Rivesville man suspected of drug possession after Goshen Road accident


September 16 – Law enforcement officers arrested a Rivesville man involved in a single-vehicle accident on Goshen Road over the weekend after allegedly finding drugs and paraphernalia in his vehicle and belongings.

Monongalia County Sheriff’s Officers were notified of the accident at approximately 3:55 p.m. and, upon arriving at the scene, saw a red Ford Ranger in a driveway that was on the driver’s side, a complaint said.

Officers spoke to the driver of the pickup, identified as John A. Shipley, Jr., 50, of Rivesville, who complained of pain in his right arm and was unable to provide an explanation as to how the accident happened.

According to the complaint, the officers discovered a strong odor of marijuana coming from the area where Shipley was located. He was sitting on a black toolbox that had fallen from the truck and had a gray duffel bag next to him.

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While officers were handling the scene, Mon EMS arrived at the scene and loaded Shipley into an ambulance to be transported to hospital for treatment.

While he was being prepared for transport, Shipley stated that he needed his gray duffel bag to come along. A member of the fire service picked up the bag to take to Shipley and immediately called the two officers to him, the complaint said.

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The firefighter was able to detect a smell coming from the bag and thought it was marijuana. The officers grabbed the bag and put it in their cruiser.

When they tried to retrieve the documents from the vehicle, officers found a smoking device clearly visible on the driver’s floorboard. According to the complaint, the device had what appeared to be burnt marijuana in the device. The device was also seized and secured in the cruiser.

Officers also found an envelope on the floor next to the driver’s side of the vehicle, which contained an undisclosed amount of US currency. According to the indictment, the envelope was originally confiscated by the officers, but later seized as evidence of a crime.

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Officers were given a search warrant for the gray duffel bag after they returned to the station and upon examination, they took “13 grams of a green leaf substance, 1 gram of a white powder, a US dollar bill containing white powder, a cut straw with white powder residue, a digital electronic scale, a Ruger Security-9 pistol and a Ruger 9mm magazine containing 8 Ruger 9mm bullets,” the complaint said.

Shipley was charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

He pleaded in Monongalia County Court on Sept. 13 and has been released on bail.

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