Road Dogg Says WWE Wanted Him To Be Best Man At Billy And Chuck’s Wedding


This week’s “Oh You Didn’t Know” podcast covers Road Dogg’s early days in TNA. The show also covers some of the major events that happened in wrestling during that period.

Road Dogg said WWE wanted him to be best man at Billy and Chuck’s wedding on SmackDown in 2002:

“They called me to be the best man at Billy and Chuck’s wedding,” he said. “The WWE called me and I just got the gig with TNA. I said, ‘Let me check with TNA if it’s cool.’ Jeff (Jarrett) said, “Yeah, you can do whatever you want.” I called them back and they said, OK, we’re going to give you such and such a amount of money, and I said, “Well, that doesn’t sound like a very good deal. You want me in that picture for something, don’t you? I would appreciate it if you double that and we’ll have a chat.’

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