Robbins residents left with little or no water supply on Thanksgiving Day


ROBBINS, Illinois (TBEN) — Imagine preparing your Thanksgiving feast without a good water supply – or no running water at all.

That’s exactly what some people in the southern suburbs of Robbins are dealing with. As TBEN 2’s Asal Rezaei reported Thursday, a water main break earlier this week left people there with little or no running water.

At least 100 homes have been affected.

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Robbins public works crews began their vacation by going door-to-door, dropping boxes of water on residents like Stephanie Lloyd.

“It’s awful for Thanksgiving,” Lloyd said. “You can’t wash your turkey or something, or your veggies for Thanksgiving.”

Robbins residents were left without water for Thanksgiving


Village officials put pressure on the water system again after a main outage near 136th Street and Pulaski Road on Tuesday. But for more than 24 hours, many people are still without water – and those who do have running water say it comes out at very low pressure.

At a news conference Thursday afternoon, Robbins Mayor Darren Bryant called the situation a water crisis and a public safety problem.

“We are responding to this holiday and responding to the needs of citizens,” Bryant said.

He has asked state leaders for help after engineers gave the village $20 million to get their infrastructure up to scratch.

“I’m calling on the governor, I’m calling on the senators, I’m calling on Jesus — I’m calling on anyone I can get my hands on to give the people some remedies,” said Bryant.

Bryant stressed that Robbins is not alone in his water infrastructure problems, calling on multiple levels of government to take action.

“I ask Mayor Lightfoot and that the members and wives of the U.S. Congress and Senators come together for a solution — not just for Robbins, but for communities across the country suffering from the same situation,” he said.

Robbins resident Quintiana Blake spoke about the challenges associated with going without water on Thanksgiving Day.

“It’s actually really hard,” she said. “Not just because of Thanksgiving, but you can’t really cook without water. And when you have kids at home, it’s a lot harder because you have to take care of your kids — baths, showers.”

A water pipe burst in Robbins left at least 100 homes without water


For now, neighbors said they are doing their best with the boxes of water they received. Rezaei asked Blake about her reaction to bottled water being delivered this Thanksgiving Day.

“I was actually shocked,” she said. “But I’m grateful because you know anything can help — but hopefully they’ll pull it off.”

As village officials continue to work to pressurize the water system again, they hope to have the water back to full operation later Thursday or Friday at the latest.


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