Rockstar Games has officially confirmed that the images of Grand Theft Auto VI have been leaked


Rockstar Games has officially confirmed that the images of Grand Theft Auto VI have been leaked

After a disastrous security breach on Sunday, Rockstar Games has officially confirmed that the game assets looted from its servers (then shared online) are in fact from the work-in-progress Grand Theft Auto VI.

In the past one or two days since the split, the gaming community has been rampaging itself over the leaks in disbelief, and for more than one reason. Some are disappointed that the game’s assets seem relatively shabby for a title that should be Rockstar’s most ambitious entry yet, while others argue that the leaks may not be real. And then there are those who are just annoyed that Rockstar has supposedly left holes in their security, which is fair, but in defense of the developer is always 20/20 in hindsight, as they say.

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Of course, with Rockstar coming out and confirming the leak itself via Twitter, there is no longer any room for doubt as to its correctness. According to the developer, the assets were stolen as a result of a “network intrusion,” which began when the hacker in question was able to gain access to Rockstar’s internal Slack network and from there to its information database.

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The “early development footage”, as Rockstar calls it, was then posted to GTAForums by a user called “teapotuberhacker”. Needless to say, the information spread like wildfire around the internet, and while the original post has since been removed by the site’s moderators, the proverbial damage has been done. Within the short time since the breach, the community has learned a few things about the game and its setting.

Be warned that we are headed into potential spoiler territory at this point, so please proceed at your own discretion. Remarkable, Grand Theft Auto VMe, like its predecessor from 2002 Vice City is supposedly set in a fictional version of Miami and will apparently feature the franchise’s first female protagonist. It is not yet known whether the game will have multiple protagonists with intersecting stories like GTA V, but to keep the game fun and exciting in its factual release somewhere in 2024 or 2025ignorance on this point is in fact bliss.

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