Role of Pak in Afghanistan, terrorism raised during Quad meeting, PM-Biden: India


India and the United States have expressed concern over Islamabad’s role in Afghanistan. (File photo)


Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan and its involvement in terrorism were among the issues discussed at the Quad summit and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bilateral talks, Foreign Minister Harsh Vardhan Shringla said.

Responding to a question about Pakistan’s support for terrorism at a press briefing in Washington, Mr Shringla said Pakistan has in many ways been really the instigator of some of the problems India is facing. faced in our neighborhood and beyond.

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“Both in the bilateral discussions and at the Quad summit, there was a clear feeling that a closer examination, review and monitoring of Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan, Pakistan’s role on the issue of terrorism should be retained and certainly whether Quad or other partners had to be Keep track of this factor, an important factor that is sometimes overlooked when you see Pakistan projecting itself as a facilitator if it has really been the instigator in many ways of some of the issues we face in our neighborhood and beyond, ”he said.

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India and the United States have expressed concern about the role of Islamabad in Afghanistan, Shringla said, adding that both sides stressed the importance of the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan.

“I think there was a clear concern in this regard about Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan and their maintenance of a certain approach that did not seem favorable to the expectations of the international community as to what Afghanistan should be like.” , did he declare.

At a press conference on Thursday, Mr. Shringla informed that US Vice President Kamala Harris had “suo moto”, referred to Pakistan’s role in terrorism and called on the country to stop supporting terrorist groups when of the very first meeting with Prime Minister Modi.

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Harris acknowledged the presence of terrorist groups in Pakistan, Shringla said when asked if the issue of Pakistani Taliban emboldening was raised during the discussion between Prime Minister Modi and the US Vice President .

Prime Minister Modi arrived in Washington on Wednesday for a three-day visit to the United States.