“Role of PFI in Assam Police Shooting Incident during Deportation”: Himanta Biswa Sarma


Images of the incident sparked national outrage at the police brutality.


The Islamist extremist group Indian Popular Front (PFI) was implicated in last week’s violence during an eviction campaign in Darrang district (Assam), the images of which sparked nationwide outrage Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said today. Denying that there was a common angle to the incident, he claimed that the footage of the police shootings that has been released so far does not give the full picture.

A fierce confrontation turned into a stick-clash between police and locals during an anti-encroachment campaign in Darrang last Thursday. Nine police officers and two civilians were reportedly injured in the clash, in which the police even opened fire.

Video from the site showed a man with a baton charging towards police in riot gear armed with sticks and guns. He is seen being overpowered, shot and then brutally beaten. The blows do not stop even when he remains motionless on the ground.

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“The state government has clear evidence that a certain group of people have collected Rs 28 lakh over the past few months from the poor saying they are going to convince the government against the eviction. We have these names. When they could not resist the expulsion campaign, they mobilized the people and wreaked havoc … we have the names of six people who were involved, “Chief Minister Sarma told media today. hui.

Before the day of the incident, on behalf of transporting foodstuffs for the evicted families, PFI visited the site. Thus, evidence emerges, implicating some people, including a university professor. Assam government had already sent a dossier to the Center asking for a total ban on PFI.

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The state government has announced a judicial inquiry into the incident by a retired Gauhati High Court judge whose name has yet to be disclosed. Sarma, meanwhile, said the expulsion campaign would not be stopped.

The Darrang District Administration has so far cleared over 600 hectares of land and evicted 800 families since Monday, demolishing four “illegally” built religious structures in Sipajhar.

“The eviction was supposed to be done against 60 families. How did ten thousand people get there? asked Mr. Sarma.

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He said he trusted the opposition and minority representatives in the state over the expulsion campaign. He accused them of creating “chaos” now. He also criticized the “national media” for failing to provide the full sequence of events that led to the tragedy.

“You have to see the whole video. The protesters attacked first with a sharp shovel. But we do not justify or support the retaliation. If you have to get any part of the video clip, you have to show the whole clip, the entire clip. sequence, ”Sarma said today.

“Twenty-seven policemen were ghereoed by twenty thousand people. Two-three wounded Muslim policemen. So it’s not community, but why do the national media give it a community flavor?