Ron DeSantis: I wasn’t really responsible for creating that migratory ‘stunt’


on Hannity On Monday night, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis tried to dismiss allegations that he was involved in a stunt when he flew about 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard last week, instead claiming that President Joe Biden engaged in “the biggest stunt” by not going along with its predecessors. immigration policy.

while some have accused the governor of “political human trafficking,” Sean Hannity helped DeSantis portray his actions as acceptable to the general public and welcomed by the migrants themselves.

“For the record, this was voluntary. All the migrants were put in hotels, they were given shelter, they were given food, they were showered, they were offered a haircut and all the other services that were needed, is that right?” asked Hannah.

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“Yes,” DeSantis replied curtly. “Not only that – they all signed consent forms to go. And then the salesman who does this for Florida gave them a package with a map of Martha’s Vineyard. It had the numbers of several services on Martha’s Vineyard. And then it had numbers for the general agencies in Massachusetts that deal with immigration and refugees, so it was voluntary, and all the other bullshit you hear is just not true.”

The “nonsense” DeSantis refers to may be accusations by migrants that they were transported under false pretenses. Some Democrats have also supported investigations into possible civil rights violations and kidnappings.

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DeSantis pointed to the US-Mexico border to defend his decision, which Hannity and other TBEN hosts had a field day with last week, as Martha’s Vineyard is a frequent destination for former President Barack Obama.

“I think we have been able to show that this border is a disaster. Biden failed at this as much or more than any other policy, and now people are talking about it,” said DeSantis, who later praised former President Donald Trump’s border policies. (Trump has reportedly harassed DeSantis’ move, claiming he’s trying to steal his thunder when it comes to policies targeting immigrants.)

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Speaking of those on the opposing side, DeSantis continued, “They accused the governors of Arizona, Texas and me of political stunts related to illegal immigration.”

“But the biggest stunt was Biden taking office and rolling back Trump’s policies, not because Trump’s policies didn’t work — he reversed it because he wanted a virtue signal to his base and he wanted to show that he thought Donald Trump bad,” DeSantis claimed, adding that Biden knew “what would happen.”

“And he did – he pulled the biggest political stunt.”


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