Russia lost 24 tanks, 800 men a day as Kherson’s defenses crumbled: Kiev


Ukraine has described the military gains it made on the day it celebrated Moscow’s withdrawal from Kherson, amid reports that Russian forces had destroyed road and rail bridges.

Ukrainian armed forces said on Saturday morning that Russia had lost 810 troops in the past 24 hours, bringing the total death toll since the large-scale invasion began to more than 80,000.

A woman holds a slogan that reads “11/11/2022 – Kherson – Ukraine” in Maidan Square to celebrate the liberation of Kherson, on Maidan Square in Kiev on November 11, 2022. Russian troops withdrew from the capital of southern Ukraine region.

The update also said that Russia had lost 24 tanks and 34 armored personnel carriers. Ukraine’s Air Force had carried out 16 strikes against Moscow’s military, targeting personnel, weapons and military equipment.

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News week has reached out to Russia’s Defense Ministry for a response to the unverified Ukrainian claims, and Kiev’s record of Moscow’s losses exceed Western estimates.

It comes as Kiev troops are reportedly completing the liberation of the western bank of the Dnieper River in Kherson Oblast, following the Russian withdrawal.

The Russian Defense Ministry said its troops had completed the withdrawal to the east bank of the river by 5 a.m. Friday, although the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said some Russian soldiers are likely still on the west bank. and spread all over the country. region.

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“Ukrainian forces will soon complete the liberation of areas not yet under their control,” the US-based think tank said on Friday.

The ISW added that satellite images supported reports that Russian forces had destroyed bridges to block a Ukrainian advance into the center of the Kherson region.

These were the Antonivsky bridge and the railway bridge at Kherson; the Nova Kakhovka Dam Bridge east of the city, near Nova Kakhovka; and the Darivka Bridge, northeast of Kherson, over the Inhulets River.

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The destruction of the bridges was also described by the British Ministry of Defense (MOD), which said the retreat probably started as early as October 22, when Russian-installed figures in Kherson urged civilians to leave the city.

As the only regional capital Moscow had taken since the start of the war, the withdrawal “will cause significant reputational damage,” British defense officials said, and was a “public acknowledgment” of the difficulties facing Russian forces on the western bank. of the Dnieper.

“It is likely that Russia is still trying to evacuate troops from other parts of the oblast (region) across the river to defensible positions on the eastern bank,” the British MOD said.

Meanwhile, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on Saturday, where he is attending the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) summit, that Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson was an “extraordinary victory”.