Russia to exhume and hand over body of Rajasthani man buried in Moscow, court says


Hitendra Garasia was in Moscow on a work visa but was found dead in a park.


The Russian government has agreed to exhume and hand over the body of Hitendra Garasia from Rajasthan, who was in Moscow on a work visa but was found dead in a park there, a Moscow court heard on Wednesday.

Judge Dinesh Mehta has given instructions that once the body is received from the Russian government, the Center and the Rajasthan government will do everything possible to ensure that it reaches the family members in their Godwa village in Udaipur in earlier.

During the hearing, Additional Solicitor General RD Rastogi informed the court, citing the Russian government’s statement to the Indian Embassy, ​​that due to winter holidays in Russia, the corps could not be given to the authorized agent. “It is assured that the same will however be done at the earliest and that the mortal remains of the deceased will be handed over to the designated agent within 2 to 3 days,” Mr Rohatgi told the court.

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Mr Garasia had traveled to Moscow on a one-year work visa but was found dead in a park last July.

After the Russian government decided not to hand over the body and bury it there, the victim’s family members knocked on every door, including the high court, to arrange for the body to be transported to India. for the last rites.

Mr Garasia’s wife, Asha Devi, had petitioned the high court to issue appropriate orders to the Indian government to arrange for the release of the body to the family.

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Mr Rastogi said that according to the Russian government, as the family of the deceased did not come forward to claim the body, he was buried in the cemetery in Moscow on December 3 last year.

He assured that upon persuasion from Indian government/Embassy officials stating that according to custom the body should be cremated and not buried, the Investigative Committee in Russia agreed to exhume the body and hand it over to the morgue. . .

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Upon completion of the required formalities and procedure, it was decided to hand over the body to the authorized person, he said.

The court also issued a notice to the state government at the request of Mr Rohatgi asking the Rajasthan government to make the necessary arrangements to release the body to the family members.

He also said the body would be brought to Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi after which it would be the responsibility of the Rajasthan government to ensure that it reached the petitioners.

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