Russia-Ukraine War: Zelensky Warns Zaporizhzhya ‘One Step Away From Radiation Disaster’ – Again


pPower at the Zaporizhzhya plant was cut almost for the second time in two weeks on Monday when Kiev accused Moscow of bringing the war to the brink of nuclear catastrophe, a day before the United Nations nuclear watchdog was due to issue a review. from the station.

The International Atomic Energy Agency said the plant’s backup power line had been cut to put out a fire, but the line itself was undamaged and would be reconnected.

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The six-reactor Zaporizhzhya plant in southern Ukraine has become a focal point of the six-month conflict after Moscow took control of the facility in March, even as Ukrainian engineers continue to operate it, raising the specter of a nuclear accident.

Ukraine’s state-owned nuclear company Energoatom said the plant’s last working reactor block had been disconnected from the Ukrainian electricity grid after Russian shelling disrupted power lines.

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