S Jaishankar to attend G4 talks and G20 meeting on Afghanistan today


In bilateral talks with his counterparts, S Jaishankar had in-depth discussions on Afghanistan. (To file)

New York:

India will attend the G4 foreign ministers meeting as well as the convened G20 meeting on Afghanistan and brief world leaders on developments in the war-torn country.

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, who is in New York, will represent India in the meetings on Afghanistan. In bilateral meetings with his counterparts as well, Mr. Jaishankar had extensive discussions on Afghanistan.

A source close to India’s position told ANI that the talks on Afghanistan have two sides – one is the security threat emanating from the country and the other is the humanitarian food crisis and the drought situation affecting the country.

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The role of the Pakistani spy agency ISI in supporting Haqqanis in the Afghan power structure and increasing the activities of Pakistan-backed UN-banned terrorist groups like Lashkar-e-Toiba, Jaish-e -Mohammed and also the increased role of ISK (Islamic State-Khorasan) in the region has increased the security threat in the region in general and for neighboring countries like India in particular.

India will stress to world leaders that Afghan lands should not be used by terrorist groups against any country and that UN resolution 2593 should be the driving directive for global diplomacy.

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UN Resolution 2593 was passed during India’s presidency of the UN Security Council. The resolution notes that Afghan territory must not be used to threaten or attack another country or to harbor and train terrorists. It also stipulates that the free movement of citizens must be allowed and that the rights of minorities, women and children must be protected.

ANI has learned that Afghanistan is likely to be brought up during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bilateral meetings with leaders of the United States, Australia, Japan and also during the Quad talks.

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India will also express its solidarity with the Afghan people and contribute to any humanitarian assistance. India stressed that there should be non-discriminatory distribution and unhindered access. India will also highlight the role of UN-led organizations in the distribution process.

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