SAN: Former lawmaker sues LPPC against Kogi candidate Wahab Mohammed – TBEN


Former member representing Igalamela / Odolu State Constituency and Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee of the Kogi State Assembly, the Hon. Sani Makama filed a complaint with the Federal High Court in Abuja on Friday against the Committee on Legal Practitioners’ Privileges, LPPC, for appointing attorney Abdul Wahab Mohammed as Senior Counsel for Nigeria (SAN).

The Kogi State candidate for the SAN 2020 title is the immediate younger brother of Kogi State Attorney General and Justice Commissioner Mohammed Sani Ibrahim.

The ex-lawmaker addressed the court to try to prevent the committee from moving forward to confer the title of Senior Counsel for Nigeria (SAN), saying his petition previously addressed to the committee was ignored .

On his reasons for seeking legal means to arrest Kogi’s candidate, he said: “Lawyer Abdul Wahab Mohammed is the younger brother of the Kogi State Attorney General.

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“He is the lawyer who handles all legal affairs on behalf of Kogi State using the privilege of his older brother, Mohammed Sani Ibrahim, who is the justice commissioner despite very senior lawyers in the State of Kogi. Kogi.

Makama, who was a PDP lawmaker for the People’s Democratic Party, was suspended from the House in controversial circumstances in 2018, sued the state whose judgments he had obtained on appeal and the Supreme Court in his favor for being recalled and have all its rights paid, DAILY POST said, this Kogi state still had to comply two years after the judgment.

According to him, the candidate who was Kogi State Prosecutor in his case filed a frivolous petition against the Supreme Court ruling in his favor, which punished him for violating the ethics of the profession of lawyer.

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He said that a “frivolous nomination” is a fundamental violation that disqualifies any candidate for the award of a senior Nigerian lawyer, insisting that the LPPC should abide by its own laws in expelling candidate Kogi from the SAN award. 2020.

“You may recall that I filed a lawsuit against the state government in 2018 for non-payment of my salaries and allowances while serving in the Kogi State Legislature.

“However, the state government claimed to have suspended payment of my salaries and allowances on the grounds that I had been suspended by the House of Assembly. I won them in court.

“Although in 2018, the Supreme Court rendered a meritorious judgment allowing the appeal with the order that the state government must pay me all of my salaries and allowances, emoluments and monies owed to me during the period of my tenure as a member of the Kogi State House of Assembly and allow me to resume my legislative duties immediately.

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“Since then, state government attorney Abdul Wahab continues to file frivolous petitions to overturn the Supreme Court judgment in 2019.

“The Supreme Court rejected Abdul Wahab’s request asking him to reverse the previous judgment handed down to me on December 19, 2020.

“The Supreme Court dismissed and called lawyer Abdul Wahab’s request frivolous and vexatious.

According to him, the Committee on the privileges of legal practitioners should have considered the merits of his petition against the candidate, adding that the way they were doing it raises suspicions on his part.

In court documents viewed by DAILY POST, no date has yet been set for the hearing.


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