San Francisco’s Saison and Internationally Renowned Chef Prateek Sadhu Launch Exclusive Dinner Series in August


San Francisco’s esteemed two-Michelin star Saison is a contemporary American restaurant that wows its customers with their innovative wood-fire dishes using seasonal ingredients. Known for redefining modern American cuisine, Saison works directly with fishermen, ranchers, ranchers and more to source the absolute best ingredients for their ever-changing, seasonal menu.

After their sold-out joint dinner with MAISON chef Sota Atsumi in Paris last spring, Saison is hosting another joint dinner, this time with celebrity chef Prateek Sadhu, formerly the head chef of Masque, one of Asia’s 50 best restaurants. in India, from August 2 to August 6.

“Indian cuisine is one with a deep history that requires time and patience to perfect and I believe our approach to fire cooking and fermentation is in line with that ethos. Our two styles are very complementary and harmonious in execution.” says chef Paul Chung, culinary director of Saison Hospitality.

“For me it is so exciting to bring the flavors of India to Saison and to combine my ethos of Indian cuisine with the ethos of Saison to create an unforgettable experience,” continues Chef Prateek Sadhu.

The partnership will highlight Saison and Chef Prateek’s shared vision using the abundance of native Californian ingredients and unique flavor profiles from India.

We sat down to chat with Chef Prateek Sadhu and Chef Paul Chung, Culinary Director of Saison Hospitality about this exciting upcoming collaboration, what they are most excited about and more. Here’s what they had to say.

Talk about the collaborative aspect of this dinner – what was it like working together again ten years later on such an extravagant nine-course meal?

Chef Paul Chung: It’s very exciting because Prateek and I worked together in DC for Michael Mina almost ten years ago, and from the beginning we had similar values ​​for our profession. It’s amazing to see what Prateek has accomplished in spreading and educating the world with his native cuisine, and this partnership has allowed us to share his relationship and perspective with our team and the Bay Area.

Chief Prateek Sadhu: It feels like coming home as I am so excited to be cooking with Paul after almost ten years. Paul and I were connected on so many levels regarding our cultures and cuisines. I look forward to taking so many Californian ingredients and seeing them through the lens of Indian flavors.

What is the inspiration behind the menu? What was the process like to make it?

Chef Paul Chung: We really wanted to highlight the flavors of Prateek’s heritage. The pandemic has taught us how important it is as a society to stay connected, and as chefs our first instinct is to show our sincerity and care through the collaboration of meals. We knew we wanted the meal to be bold and embody the essence of fire. Chef Prateek will highlight many of his local spice blends as we navigate the plethora of California coastal ingredients. It’s not every day that you see spot shrimp, sea urchin and Russian River caviar with Indian dishes.

Chief Prateek Sadhu: I feel that Indian food is severely misinterpreted and misunderstood worldwide. There are so many stereotypes surrounding Indian cuisine and my humble attempt through this menu is to showcase different ingredients from different regions and sub regions of India. The menu is inspired by my travels within India and understanding the diversity in our cuisine and showing it through the menu.

I was in constant contact with the chefs (at Saison) to understand what is seasonal in California at the moment, and based on that we planned the menu. Plus, there are so many collaborative courses that I’m really excited about.

What are some of the courses you are most excited about and why?

Chef Paul Chung: I am most excited about the seafood courses. I am an avid seafood lover and am always curious to see how chefs around the world highlight the inherent delicate sweetness of fresh seafood. My knowledge of Indian cuisine is very limited so this will be a great personal experience for me as well.

Chief Prateek Sadhu: Honestly the whole menu has so many layers and fun aspects and a lot of stories. But if you ask me, I’m excited to show you different breads from the regions of India. India is more than naan and for me presenting a few of the breads will be my humble attempt to break the stereotypes surrounding Indian food. Tungrymbai (smoked and fermented beans) is also something I like to cook with as it is very hyper-regional in India and combines it with pork and pickled mango. I am here to tell another story about Indian food.

How does dinner highlight the best you have to offer as chefs?

Chef Paul Chung: When I eat Indian cuisine, I have always found it daring and unashamed. It is soulful, deliberate and sings to the nature of the country. I find that Korean and Chinese cuisine are very similar in that sense, and when we combine the influences of Chef Prateek, Chef Richard Lee (Saison’s Chef de Cuisine) and my own heritage, we can present a meal for the senses that truly explores the depths of nuanced taste.

Chief Prateek Sadhu: I think it’s about how me, Chef Paul and Chef Richard combine our cultural experiences to bring a real sense of collaboration and give diners an experience that is truly authentic, honest and unique.

What do you hope guests take away from this meal?

Chef Paul Chung: Fulfillment and understanding. I hope they leave this experience with a new appreciation for Mumbai cuisine. These collaborations we organize are all about cultural exchange and sharing stories. We hope to work with chefs we believe can share a unique perspective and connect the community with their cuisine.

Chief Prateek Sadhu: That Indian food transcends mainstream stereotypes. I think it’s important to tell a different story about Indian food and change the perception about it.

For more information about this collaboration, click here.


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