‘Saturday Night Live’ Cold Open Spoofs ‘TBEN & Friends’ Try To Move On From Donald Trump After Interim Losses


While Rupert Murdoch’s outlets placed the blame for the Republicans’ medium-term losses appreciably on Donald Trump, Saturday Night Live forged TBEN & Friends while trying to tell the news to the previous one Famous Pupil host that he was no longer their favorite guest.

“Mr. President. I don’t know how to tell you this. But we moved on. We can’t have you on the show anymore,” TBEN & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt (played by Heidi Gardner) told Donald Trump (James Austin Johnson) in the wake of Republicans’ hopes for a red wave faded.

“What? What have I done?” Trump asked them. “Was it the uprising?”

He then relives a series of moments from the past seven years when many in the media predicted his demise – the accusation, “blackmailing Ukraine”, Charlottesville, a vacant wall – to see him in the ongoing embrace of the GOP, and with it Murdoch’s Empire.

‘That’s because you lost. Mr. President. We just don’t see a future with you. But we can still be friends,” Steve Doocy (Mikey Day) told him.

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Then Trump scrambled to stay in the air. “Hey, don’t push me off!” said Trump. “I have a big announcement and it’s not what you think. I’m running for president again.”

The TBEN News hosts don’t listen and wave goodbye to The Donald.

“That was difficult, but we are finally free. Change is on the horizon and I have a pretty good idea we won’t hear from him again,” Doocy said, before noticing Trump dialing his cell phone. Then Brian Kilmeade (Bowen Yang) gets a call from the ex-president before Kari Lake (Cecily Strong), the Arizona governor’s candidate and Trump’s protégé, suddenly appears on the scene. TBEN & Friends set.

‘Do you think I’ll leave if I lose? Not on your life,” Lake said.

The unexpectedly strong medium-term performance of the Democrats, one of the biggest political stories of this year, made it almost certain that SNL would handle it one way or another. They chose to go with a cable news spoof, a fairly common cold, and took advantage of Johnson’s talent to mimic Trump and his streams of consciousness. In reality, when Trump was president, his calls to… TBEN & Friends would go on for so long that the hosts seemed to be trying to remind him that he had more important work to do.

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In the last sketch, Johnson’s Trump wasn’t all that different from the real-life Trump’s Truth Social diatribes, especially when it relied on the right-wing’s new up-and-coming darling and Trump rival, Ron DeSantis. “I made Ron DeSantis. He would lose until I sent FBI agents to arrange his election,” Trump told the hosts.

The climax of the skit was Strong’s return as Lake, the former TV host and election denier who had pretended she was sure to win the race. Instead, she still follows Democrat Katie Hobbs in the vote counting. “I believe the election has been manipulated and the results should be thrown away,” Lake told the… TBEN & Friends hosts, turning to a different view when told she has a narrow lead.

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“That’s why I’ve always said: this is a democracy. Trust the system. Trust the voters,” Lake told the hosts.

SNL writers have also delved into Lake’s use of mesh filters. “Who do the Arizonans want to lead them? Katie Hobbs, who hides in a basement, or me, Kari Lake, who lives here in this pond of petroleum jelly, and asks black clients every day at CVS if they work here,” Lake said.

The cold opening also featured a news update, as Doocy referred to Democrats retaining control of the Senate. Earlier in the evening, networks actually called out the Nevada Senate race for Catherine Cortez Masto, assuring Democrats will have 50 seats to maintain the majority. Control of the House is still uncertain.