Schumer asked Biden for more than $ 1.3 trillion stimulus package



As Congress Democrats consider Senate control for the first time in six years, the new Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has urged President-elect Biden, who will present his proposal for the next federal bill on Thursday. recovery of coronaviruses, to aim for legislation worth more. $ 1.3 trillion, multiple outlets reported Wednesday.


Mother Jones reported on Wednesday that after Biden’s aides came up with a $ 1.3 trillion package last week, Schumer said he didn’t think a bill of this size would be enough to meet the needs of the country during the pandemic.

While the final price for Biden’s upcoming proposal is not yet clear, the plan will include state and local aid and federal unemployment insurance, money for vaccines, and a provision to increase the size of the last round of stimulus checks. from $ 600 to $ 2000, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday, citing someone familiar with the discussion.

the Washington post Biden reported Tuesday that Biden aimed to strike a deal with Republicans on the new stimulus package rather than pass the legislation through a process called budget reconciliation, which would allow Democrats to approve the legislation without any Republican votes.

At least ten Senate Republicans will need to sign for Biden’s bipartisan plan to pass, and the need for GOP membership could force Democrats to settle for a smaller bill than they would otherwise like.

Crucial quote

In a letter to his colleagues on Tuesday, Schumer asked lawmakers to view the Covid-19 emergency relief legislation as the “first legislative agenda” of the new Senate, which he says will move forward with its priorities even without Republican support. “If our fellow Republicans decide not to join us in our efforts to resolve these issues,” Schumer wrote, “we will not let this stop progress.”

Large number

$ 2.2 trillion. That’s the size of the most recent relief bill passed by the House of Representatives in October and ignored by the Republican-led Senate; it was a streamlined and updated version of the $ 3.4 trillion Heroes Act, which was passed by the House in May and also was not taken over by the Senate. Together, the $ 900 billion stimulus package President Trump signed right after Christmas and a new $ 1.3 trillion package would also be worth $ 2.2 trillion.

To monitor

Biden is expected to announce the details of his proposed stimulus package on Thursday. The plan Biden unveils is expected to be followed by proposals later in the spring for tax changes and infrastructure spending – while these were the basics of his campaign platform, the delay is intended to allow Congress to focus on immediate stimulus spending first, Axios reported last week.

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