Security guards at the airport discover a red-haired cat hidden in a suitcase


She claimed the traveler, who was heading to Florida for Thanksgiving, said the cat “belonged to someone else in his household.”

When the cat was tracked down by The New York Post, the cat’s owner said the animal, named Smells, must have gotten into their houseguest’s bag while at work.

She didn’t realize the tabby was gone until she got a call from an airport official.

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“An officer called and asked if I wanted to press charges” to her guest, said 37-year-old Brooklyn resident Alix, who declined to give her last name. “He wanted to know if there was a reason he tried to steal my cat and go to Florida.”

‘The cat is out of the bag’

Odors seemed unfazed by the ordeal and even enjoyed treats on the way home, she said.

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Ms Farbstein’s tweet ended with a pun to confirm that the cat was unharmed and home.

“On the bright side, the cat is out of the bag and back home safely,” it said.

Most U.S. airlines allow cats and dogs to fly with their owners in the main cabin, provided they meet size, age, and destination requirements within the U.S. on flights up to 12 hours.

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Earlier this month, an officer stationed at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport flagged a carry-on bag at the security station and upon closer inspection found a gun hidden in a raw chicken packed in the luggage.


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