Security used as a pretext to hamper democracy at J&K: Farooq Abdullah


No government has the right to change the foundations of democracy, Farooq Abdullah said (File)

New Delhi:

The president of the Popular Alliance for the Gupkar Declaration (PAGD), Farooq Abdullah, said on Saturday that security was being used as a pretext to hamper and personalize democracy in the Union’s territory.

In a two-page letter to JK Election Commissioner KK Sharma, Mr Abdullah, who is currently a member of Lok Sabha from Srinagar, said providing security for the privileged few and literally interning the rest was interference blatant in democracy.

“I take the liberty of writing to you about the upcoming SDC elections. A strange and unique feature has come to the fore. Candidates presented by the PAGD are immediately taken to ‘safe places’ in the name of security and confined. are not allowed to solicit, they are completely disconnected from those from whom they are supposed to solicit votes, ”Mr. Abdullah said in the letter.

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He said that the PAGD party side has been in power in the past and has had the opportunity to lead and lead the government and is aware of the challenges in the area of ​​security in a place plagued by violence.

“These challenges are not new, but have lasted painfully for three decades. But the government had put in place structures that guaranteed the safety of all candidates, regardless of the ideology they espouse or the parties they represented. “, did he declare.


MP for Lok Sabha said the current state of affairs in the security field is “openly oriented” towards providing security to the privileged few and limiting the others.

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“It appears more as an attempt to interfere in the democratic process than as a real concern for the well-being of the candidates. Security cannot and should not be used as a tool or an excuse to interfere in democratic processes.” , did he declare.

“Governments come and go. No government has the right to alter the institutional foundations of democracy in JK, nourished by the sacrifices of thousands of political workers,” the letter read.

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He said that while security is a challenge and it is up to the government of the day to counter it in a fair and transparent manner, “providing security to the privileged few and literally interning the rest is a serious interference in democracy. “.



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