Senator Chris Coons blasts the media frenzy over documents classified by Biden


Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) reminded TBEN’s Martha Raddatz that the only major difference between Biden and Trump is that Trump thought he was above the law and had the DOJ get a search warrant to search his home and recover stolen classified documents to get.


Transcript via TBEN’s this week:

RADDATZ: But how can you say that he takes secret material seriously when some of what was found has been in his house for more than ten years and he seemingly had no idea?

COONS: Well, the main point there, Martha, is that he had no idea. As you know, if you serve in the Senate or as Vice President, you literally get millions of documents going through your office week in and week out. And as you get older and the cases you deal with are more important and sometimes more secret, the volume gets bigger.

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So I think this was unintentional. The whole point of special counsel is to ensure that and to give confidence to the American people.

But honestly, Martha, I don’t think this is a problem keeping Americans up at night either. I think they’re concerned about a lot more day-to-day things, like inflation, prices at the pump, prices of prescription drugs. Our president is making real progress in our economy, in our place in the world, by lowering prescription drug prices and by helping the average American family.

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And I have some confidence that because he’s fully cooperating, we’ll get to the bottom of this. And there is one key document that distinguishes former President Trump from President Biden, and that is a warrant. It took an FBI search, a non-consensual search to get Mar-a-Lago’s documents, and former President Trump continues to insist that he is above the law, that he had the right to take all the documents. which he preferred. of the White House.

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Democrats have a point when they claim that the American people will not care about documents found in Biden’s home. Would the American people really have cared about Trump’s classified documents if he hadn’t lied about having them, forced the DOJ to get a search warrant, and potentially committed a crime in the process?

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If Trump would have said oops, I should have had these, please, the story would never have blown up.

The special counsel will likely conclude that Biden committed no crime, and the day that happens, the mainstream press of the company will never mention Biden and classified documents again.


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