Senior Dubai Police official rescues swimmer as he is about to drown in the sea


Dubai: A Dubai-based swimmer who lost direction while swimming in the sea was rescued by a senior Dubai Police official here on Thursday morning.

Lt. Gen. Dahi Khalfan Tamim, vice president of police and general security in Dubai, said on his Twitter account that he rescued the swimmer who was tired as he swam aimlessly due to the foggy weather and had a hard time getting back to the beach.

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“Today we saved a foreign swimmer. He went to the sea on a foggy day. He was swimming and didn’t know which way the land was. He was tired, but we were in a nearby boat. He shouted for help and we brought him ashore by boat, ”tweeted Lt. Gen. Dahi.

He urged all swimmers not to go out swimming in foggy weather. “You may not be able to return to land. Don’t swim in foggy weather, ”he warned.

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