Several NBA players test twice positive for coronavirus


Several NBA players have tested positive for the coronavirus a second time, ESPN reports.

The news comes as the league struggles to meet the shortened season schedule.

The CDC defines “re-infection” as a person who acquires the infection, recovers, and then becomes infected again.

Studies are ongoing on the duration of immunity, but the CDC says it expects re-infections from the coronavirus.

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Since last summer, there have been more than 100 positive tests, but the numbers since March are believed to be even higher.

At one point, several teams reported more than 10 players who tested positive in the past nine months.

Earlier today, the NBA and the players’ association agreed to new COVID-19 health and safety protocols, including limiting team movie sessions to 10 minutes per session, limiting shoots / workouts and wearing masks at all times.

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Several star players like Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant and Miami Heat big man Bam Adebayo have been placed in health and safety quarantine for a week after being exposed to an infected person for fear of reinfection or the spread of the virus.

Both players have had the virus before and the league has taken note.

According to current CDC guidelines, the duration of immunity after COVID-19 infection is not yet understood.

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Some re-infections, based on knowledge of other coronaviruses, are expected but are considered rare.


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