Sexual harassment: CP concludes questioning of Ogun commissioner and submits report – TBEN


Ogun State Police Commissioner Edward Ajogun interviewed Ogun State Commissioner for the Environment, Abiodun Abudu-Balogun, accused of sexual harassment by a teenager, Barakat Melojuekun.

DAILY POST learned that Abudu-Balogun had been toasted by the police commissioner himself after the case was transferred to the state’s Criminal Investigation Department.

Recall that 16-year-old Barakat Melojuekun had in a viral video alleged that Abudu-Balogun sexually harassed her by forcefully touching her breasts, stroking her and saying a few incantations with an attempt to place his hand on her head. .

Although Abudu-Balogun debunked the allegations, calling them political blackmail, that did not prevent Governor Dapo Abiodun from suspending him to allow for a full police investigation.

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While providing an update on a Family FM Abeokuta program monitored by DAILY POST on Wednesday, state police public relations manager Abimbola Oyeyemi suggested that the police had concluded their investigation.

According to Oyeyemi, the PC, Ajogun took charge of the investigation by personally interviewing the accused commissioner, the 16-year-old accuser and Lasisi Saheed, the uncle who took her to Abudu-Balogun.

In his remarks, Oyeyemi explained that the command submitted his report to the director of the general prosecutor’s office (DPP).

“We (the police) have completed our investigation and forwarded our report to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for the next step.

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“Depending on the nature of the case, we will close our investigation and forward the report to the DPP. It is the DPP who will now advise us on what the accused will be charged for. We are awaiting advice from the DPP.

“You will recall that the girl and her father made efforts to withdraw the case. But the police did not accept this. The case is no longer theirs. It is now between the police commissioner and the accused. This is why we have pursued this case to get to the bottom of the problem.

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“We did everything that was necessary in our investigation. In fact, it was the PC itself who questioned the accused, the accuser and her uncle who took her to the home of the environment commissioner, ”Oyeyemi explained.

When questioned, the PPRO declined to give details of the content of the report sent to the DPP by the police.

“Everyone will see the outcome of our investigation when the DPP sends out its recommendations,” he joked.


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